Basic Server Monitor

This monitor is mainly monitoring the Corporate Application; it is only used by the Corporate Application Support Team.

Phone Extension

This was requested to be designed for the change over from our old 547 number to our 417. It is still being used by staff to find there external phone numbers.

Oracle to Xml for Share Point

This is used to allow member of staff to access an Oracle database with custom SQL and display the information on Share Point using XML and XSL, it is being used by DBAs team.

iChain/Access Managers Error trapping Pages

This site is where iChain it set to point to when it gets an error.

TFL Export conversion

This was a quick fix for a problem of SITS outputting different format then what TFL requires in there updated (once a year) this small application converts the formats to TFL required standard.

LANDesk PHP Site

Most of the functions can be access from the LANDesk Software. There are some pages which are run though Scheduled Tasks.
The list of page is as follows:

  • Printing Calls
  • Auto Replay Email
  • Scheduled Tasks – SetNetworkLogin, SetUserConsoleRoleLinks, SetUserNotifyMethod and SetUserPortalRoleLinks (PL/SQL Oracle Scripts)
  • User Welcome Screens Changes
  • Upgrade and Demote Analysts (To and From End-users)
  • Temporarily Delete All End Users (Due to Publishing Bug with Large numbers of End-users)
  • Undelete a User
  • Clear Email queues

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